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Much of a tea’s character comes from the sun-drying process when it is left out within the open to oxidize and turn into Green Tea, Black Tea, or Oolong Tea for instance. By sourcing from smaller farms in remote valleys away from sources of pollution like busy roads and other improvement, we will scale back publicity to air pollution and heavy metals that can contaminate other teas.

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First we cold-brew the beverage using strain and time as a substitute of warmth to extract all the flavour and most profit.. From there, we gently dehydrate without extreme temperatures, removing only the water and leaving tea or coffee crystals that instantly and utterly dissolve in water. Regularly drinking green tea has been linked with weight loss, lowered danger of diabetes, heart illness and most cancers. Green tea is packed stuffed with health-promoting compounds, together with catechins, flavonoids and antioxidants. Sourced solely from the best natural tea plantations, our green and black teas are hand-selected for his or her high quality, both in cultivation and manufacturing.